Giro Unveils Outlandish Time Trial Helmet for Visma-Lease A Bike Team

In the realm of time trial helmets, innovation has taken a bizarre turn in recent years. Forget the peculiar designs of the Specialized TT5 or the Sweet Protection Redeemer 2Vi; Giro has now pushed the boundaries even further.

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At the commencement of Tirreno Adriatico, the Visma-Lease A Bike team, sponsored by Giro, revealed the brand’s latest creation. This helmet features an enormous visor, a prominently protruding leading edge, and wide wings at the rear. While its bulbous shape aligns with recent trends, the standout feature is the extreme protruding leading edge, extending upwards from the rider by a significant margin.

The helmet boasts a gigantic visor covering the entire frontal face, offering enhanced peripheral vision for the rider. This design choice may also address concerns about the restricted visibility faced by time trial cyclists, potentially improving safety measures. Moreover, it showcases a smooth leading edge from a top-down perspective, with a small black wedge shape whose purpose remains uncertain.

Additionally, the helmet exhibits an increased overall size, aligning with the trend among time trial helmets to optimize aerodynamics by pushing air around the rider’s shoulders. While POC initially experimented with similar designs with the Tempor helmet in 2012, the concept gained traction over the years, leading to increasingly unconventional designs.

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Giro’s latest creation has sparked mixed reactions, with some likening its towering frontal face to a “double-decker London bus.” Despite jestful opinions, the Visma-Lease A Bike team’s decision to utilize the helmet underscores their commitment to testing and optimizing equipment for peak performance. Riders like Jonas Vingegaard trust in the helmet’s aerodynamic capabilities, evident in their participation in today’s opening time trial at the Italian week-long stage race.

Giro’s audacious time trial helmet represents a bold step in the pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency, pushing the boundaries of conventional design and prompting dialogue within the cycling community.


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