Fisker Offers Luxury Electric SUV at Discounted Price of $25,000 Amid Financial Woes

Fisker, a California-based electric SUV company, is facing significant financial challenges, with the possibility of bankruptcy looming large. Despite its stock plummeting and production coming to a halt, Fisker is making its luxury electric SUV, the Ocean, available at a remarkable price of $25,000. However, there are notable concerns accompanying this tempting offer.

Fisker Offers Luxury Electric SUV

While the discounted price of $25,000 for the Fis ker Ocean SUV may seem like an incredible bargain, there are drawbacks potential buyers should consider. Critical reviews of the vehicle have raised doubts about its overall quality and performance. Even American YouTube personality Marques Brownlee labeled it as “the Worst Car I’ve Ever Reviewed,” garnering millions of views and negatively impacting Fis ker’s stock price. Similarly, Consumer Reports highlighted concerns regarding ride quality and software issues, although praising certain features like cargo space and rear seat legroom.

Strategic Shift or Fire Sale?

Fisker has framed the price cuts as a strategic maneuver rather than a desperate attempt to offload inventory. By significantly reducing prices, the company aims to position the Ocean SUV as a more competitive option in the electric vehicle (EV) market. However, the substantial price reduction raises questions about the vehicle’s perceived value and long-term viability.

NYSE Suspends Trading of Fisker Stock

Service and Support Challenges

One of the key concerns for potential buyers is the availability of service and support, especially given Fisker’s uncertain financial future. With the company’s limited dealership network and the possibility of bankruptcy, questions arise about how owners would access maintenance and repairs. Fisker’s transition to independent dealerships adds another layer of uncertainty, particularly considering its modest dealer presence in the United States and Europe.

Software Updates and Future Prospects

Fisker has acknowledged issues with early versions of the Ocean SUV’s software, attributing some negative reviews to these challenges. The company plans to address software issues through over-the-air updates, bypassing the need for dealership intervention. However, concerns remain about the effectiveness of these updates and their ability to rectify underlying issues.


While the opportunity to purchase a luxury electric SUV for $25,000 may seem enticing, potential buyers must carefully weigh the associated risks and uncertainties. Fisker’s financial woes, coupled with critical reviews and service challenges, underscore the complexities of navigating the EV market. As consumers evaluate their options, they must consider not only the upfront cost but also the long-term implications of their purchase decision amidst Fisker’s turbulent landscape.


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