Dan Schneider Addresses Allegations of Toxic Workplaces Raised in Quiet on Set Documentary

Dan Schneider, the prolific creator and producer behind several beloved Nickelodeon shows, has responded to allegations of fostering a harmful work environment on his TV sets, as highlighted in the recent documentary series, Quiet on Set.

Dan Schneider

The four-part investigative series, aired on Investigation Discovery’s Max platform on March 16 and 17, features testimonies from former cast members, including Kyle Sullivan and others from All That, shedding light on their experiences working on iconic Nickelodeon productions of the 2000s. These include shows such as Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, and Zoey 101, all of which were created and produced by Schneider. The documentary showcases instances of inappropriate conduct and jokes deemed unsuitable for child audiences, raising concerns about the treatment of young actors on Schneider’s sets.

In response, Schneider released a 19-minute video on his YouTube channel, featuring an interview with BooG!E, who portrayed T-Bo on iCarly, discussing his reactions to the documentary. According to Schneider’s representative, the interview took place after BooG!E watched the series and expressed a desire to converse with the producer.

In the video, Schneider acknowledges the discomfort of confronting his past actions, expressing regret and a willingness to apologize to those affected. He admits to behaviors he now finds embarrassing and regrets, including instances where he acknowledges crossing boundaries by requesting massages and making inappropriate jokes in the writers’ room.

A statement provided by Dan Schneider representative to TIME reiterates his apology, expressing remorse and a commitment to being held accountable for his past behavior. Schneider specifically addresses the need to remove certain jokes, now deemed inappropriate, from reruns of his shows, emphasizing that his intent was never to sexualize content intended for children.

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Reflecting on the documentary, Dan Schneider expresses empathy for those hurt by his actions, expressing deep remorse and a desire for redemption. He acknowledges a wish to have conducted himself better in the past and vows to never again allow mistreatment of others.

Schneider also addresses allegations raised by actor Drake Bell regarding his encounter with former Nickelodeon dialogue coach Brian Peck, asserting that Bell confided in him at the time. However, Schneider denies any inappropriate relationships with his young actors, insisting that such claims are unfounded.

These statements from Schneider follow a response published by The Hollywood Reporter, where he refuted claims of fostering a toxic work environment and denied accusations of sexualizing child actors. According to Schneider, all content on his shows underwent rigorous scrutiny by network executives and production staff, with any inappropriate scenes or attire being flagged and rectified.

In light of these developments, the conversation around workplace culture in the entertainment industry continues, prompting reflection and accountability for past actions while striving for a safer and more respectful environment for all involved.


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