Trump and Co-Defendants Seek Immediate Appeal to Disqualify DA Fani Willis

Former President Donald Trump, along with seven co-defendants in the Georgia 2020 election subversion case, are escalating their efforts to challenge last week’s ruling permitting Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to remain involved in the extensive racketeering case.

Fani Willis

To expedite their appeal before the trial, the defendants require permission from Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee. If granted, the Georgia Court of Appeals would deliberate on whether to address the issue.

Steve Sadow, Trump’s primary attorney in the case, emphasized the critical nature of determining whether District Attorney Willis and her office can continue prosecuting the defendants. Sadow stated in a court filing on Monday that it’s imperative for appellate courts to assess these matters before the trial commences.

Despite McAfee’s ruling on Friday acknowledging an appearance of impropriety and an “odor of mendacity” stemming from Willis’ actions, he opted against dismissing the case or disqualifying her.

McAfee’s decision permitted Willis to proceed with prosecuting Trump and his co-defendants but mandated the resignation of her top prosecutor, Nathan Wade. This decision aimed to dispel the “cloud of impropriety” arising from their romantic relationship.

Wade, who confirmed that his romantic involvement with Fani Willis has ended, resigned following the ruling issued on Friday.

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The spotlight fell on Fani Willis and Wade’s relationship in January when co-defendant Mike Roman motioned to disqualify Willis due to allegations of an “improper” relationship with Wade, whom she hired in 2021. Trump and his co-defendants sought the judge’s intervention to disqualify Willis’ team from the case or dismiss the charges based on potential conflicts of interest.

If Fani Willis’ office were to be disqualified, the case would be reassigned to Georgia’s Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council, potentially disrupting the intricate racketeering case, depending on the assigned prosecutor.

Trump and 14 allies have pleaded not guilty to all charges, while four defendants have already reached plea deals in exchange for providing testimony.


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