Telegram Introduces Ad Revenue Sharing with Toncoin on TON Blockchain

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced today the upcoming launch of the company’s ad platform, enabling channel owners to receive financial rewards. Leveraging the TON blockchain and Toncoin, Telegram will implement a revenue-sharing model wherein channel owners will receive 50% of ad revenue generated through their channels. This move marks a significant step towards content monetization for Telegram channels.

Empowering Channel Owners: Telegram channels serve as a platform for broadcasting public messages to large audiences. Despite generating one trillion views monthly, only a fraction of these views are monetized through Telegram Ads. With the launch of the ad platform, channel owners in nearly one hundred countries will have the opportunity to monetize their content and receive financial rewards.

Utilization of TON Blockchain: To ensure fast and secure ad payments and withdrawals, Telegram will exclusively utilize the TON blockchain. Similar to its approach with Telegram usernames on Fragment, ad revenue will be distributed to channel owners in Toncoin. This strategic move aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem wherein content creators can choose to cash out their Toncoins or reinvest them to enhance their channels.

Market Response and Impact: Following the announcement, the TON token experienced a significant surge in value, highlighting investor optimism and market interest in Telegram’s ad revenue sharing initiative. By adopting a model similar to platforms like YouTube and X, Telegram aims to empower its vast user base and foster greater engagement and monetization opportunities.

Joining Established Players: Telegram’s foray into ad revenue sharing aligns with industry trends, as platforms like YouTube and X have already implemented similar models. YouTube offers creators a 55% share of ad revenue through its Partner Program, while X introduced revenue sharing for users in July 2023. Meta is also exploring new payout models for its Ads on Reels monetization program.

With over 800 million monthly active users worldwide, Telegram’s introduction of ad revenue sharing represents a significant milestone in its journey towards enhancing user engagement and fostering content monetization. By leveraging blockchain technology and implementing a transparent revenue-sharing model, Telegram aims to empower channel owners and drive growth within its platform ecosystem.


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