Spotlight on Women in AI: Sandra Wachter, Leading Advocate for Ethical AI at Oxford

TechCrunch is shining a spotlight on women who have made significant contributions to the AI revolution, and Sandra Wachter, a professor of data ethics at the Oxford Internet Institute, is at the forefront of this movement.

Sandra Wachter expertise spans data ethics, AI, robotics, algorithms, and regulation. As a former fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, she delved into the ethical and legal dimensions of data science, particularly focusing on cases where opaque algorithms perpetuate biases related to race and gender.

In a recent interview, Sandra Wachter highlighted her commitment to finding a balance between innovation and protecting human rights. She emphasized the role of law in ensuring that technology benefits society while mitigating potential harms.

One of her most notable works, co-authored with Brent Mittelstadt and Chris Russell, explores bias and fairness in machine learning. Titled “The Unfairness of Fair Machine Learning,” the study revealed the unintended consequences of enforcing certain fairness measures, ultimately advocating for ethical considerations in AI development.

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Wachter also shared her experiences navigating the male-dominated tech industry, noting the importance of finding allies and like-minded individuals to drive meaningful change. Despite facing stereotypes and barriers, she remains optimistic about the growing network of individuals committed to improving diversity and inclusion in tech.

Offering advice to women interested in entering the AI field, Wachter stressed the importance of forming supportive networks and engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations to address complex challenges.

Looking ahead, Sandra Wachter identified biased data, algorithmic opacity, and the societal impacts of generative AI as pressing issues facing the AI industry. She emphasized the need for responsible AI development guided by ethical principles and regulatory frameworks.

In closing, Sandra Wachter urged investors to prioritize responsible AI investments, emphasizing the profitability and long-term benefits of ethical innovation.

Through her pioneering work in data ethics and AI regulation, Sandra Wachter is leading the charge for a more inclusive and ethical AI landscape.


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