Sad Accident: Angela Chao’s Deadly Crash

A recent look into what caused Angela Chao’s sudden death, the well-respected CEO of a big shipping company, has uncovered how it all happened. The event took place at a ranch in Central Texas, where Chao mistakenly backed her Tesla SUV into a pond for cattle, resulting in her death as help came too late. Let’s dig into the facts from the full report from the American-Statesman.

Surprising Facts from Review

In the month-long review, it was found that Angela Chao, at 50 years old, had a very high blood alcohol level of 0.233, well above the legal limit of 0.08 for driving in Texas.

The Blanco County sheriff’s office gave out the most detailed story of what occurred. The ranch, located near Johnson City, about 40 miles west of Austin, set the scene for the tragedy.

Angela Chao had invited seven friends to stay at the ranch for a weekend retreat, after they went to a Pitbull concert in Austin the night before. The sad events happened on Feb. 10, close to 11:53 p.m., when a call for help told of Chao’s SUV in the pond near the main and guest houses.

Angela Chao in Effort to Save

When the police came, they saw Chao’s vehicle partly in the water and a man on top asking for help. Even though the deputies tried hard to save Chao, taking off gear and going in the pond, it was tough.

As the chaos played out, Chao’s friends on the pond’s bank begged for help as they saw what was happening. Angela Chao hard phone call to a friend went on for eight long minutes, telling of her tough time as she said she couldn’t get out of the sinking car, seeing no way out.

With more help on the scene, they all tried to get Chao out from the car in the pond. They used special tools and gear, like a long pole and bar, and were able to break a window and get her out.

Sad End Despite Big Effort

Even though they tried so hard to help her, Angela Chao was said to be dead at 1:40 a.m., showing how sad the accident was. With no autopsy, and with clear info from federal and state investigators, it was seen as a sad event with no foul play.

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After Chao’s sudden death, her family felt deep grief, made worse by how strange her death was. Her dad, Dr. James S.C. Chao, was full of thanks for the tough work of those who tried to save her.

Big News and Guessing

As news came out slow, and with Chao’s big name and ties, there were lots of guesses and theories online. These baseless guesses not only hurt her loved ones, but also made the sad time worse.

Chao’s links to big political names, like her sis Elaine Chao, who used to be in the U.S. as a big shot in transportation, and her spouse, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, got lots of looks. McConnell, in a strong note in the Senate, said he’d step down as minority leader as he felt such pain from his sister-in-law’s loss.


Angela Chao’s sad end is a big sign of how life can change fast and how things can go wrong. While her fam and friends go through the hard time, her name will stay in their hearts and minds. May her brave spirit keep on, and may it bring hope and care in tough times.


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