Red Bull Faces Turmoil: Max Verstappen’s Father Warns of Impending Crisis

Jos Verstappen, father of Formula One driver Max Verstappen, has launched a scathing attack on Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, warning that the team is on the brink of chaos if Horner remains in his role.

Allegations and Controversy Surrounding Horner

The victory of Max Verstappen in Bahrain on Saturday was overshadowed by weeks of scrutiny surrounding Christian Horner and an investigation into allegations of misconduct. A complaint was lodged by a female employee of the F1 team, sparking an internal investigation.

Red Bull GmbH, the parent company of the racing team, dismissed the complaint earlier in the week. However, the situation escalated when an anonymous email containing purported messages related to the case was leaked to the media.

Jos Verstappen’s Call for Change

Jos Verstappen, a former Formula One driver himself, has demanded Horner’s departure from the team, stating, “There is tension here while he remains in position.” Verstappen expressed concern that the team is at risk of disintegration if the current situation persists, warning that it “will explode” under Horner’s leadership.

Max Verstappen’s Stance

While Max Verstappen appears to be on track for a fourth consecutive world title with Red Bull this year, his father’s sentiments towards Horner cast a shadow over the team’s stability. It remains unclear whether Max shares his father’s views on the matter.

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Intensified Drama at Bahrain Paddock

The controversy surrounding Horner intensified as the Formula One community gathered for preseason testing in Bahrain, just a week before the season-opening race. Rumors circulated regarding Jos Verstappen’s involvement in making the issue public, although Verstappen denied any such involvement.

Horner’s Response

Christian Horner refrained from directly addressing the calls for his removal from the team, stating, “I’m not going to comment on what motives, whatever person may have for doing this.” He asserted that he enjoys full support from both the racing team and the broader Red Bull organization.

Verstappen’s Presence within the Team

While Jos Verstappen is not an official employee of Red Bull Racing, he is a familiar face in the team’s F1 hospitality center at every race, indicating his close ties to the organization.

The situation within Red Bull Racing remains tense as the controversy surrounding Christian Horner continues to unfold, raising questions about the team’s stability and future direction.


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