Rebecca Ferguson Shares Experience of Unprofessional Behavior on Set

Rebecca Ferguson, known for her roles in films like “Dune: Part Two,” opened up about a distressing incident on the set of an unnamed project during an interview on the “Reign With Josh Smith” podcast. The actress recounted being subjected to unprofessional behavior from a co-star to such an extent that she felt vulnerable and deeply uncomfortable.

Rebecca Ferguson Confrontation with Co-Star

Rebecca Ferguson revealed that her co-star, whom she chose not to name, displayed insecurity and anger, leading to a hostile work environment. She described instances where she was screamed at in front of the entire crew, causing her distress to the point of tears.

Asserting Herself

In a pivotal moment, Ferguson decided to stand up for herself as an actor. She confronted the co-star, demanding they leave the set and expressing her unwillingness to continue working in their presence. Despite pushback from producers, Ferguson remained resolute, insisting that she could perform scenes with the co-star’s back turned.

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Director’s Support

The actress also highlighted the importance of support from the director, who acknowledged the need to address the situation and ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved. Ferguson appreciated the director’s intervention, recognizing the significance of standing up against instability and unprofessional conduct.

Reflection and Resolution

Reflecting on the experience, Ferguson acknowledged the emotional toll it took on her but expressed gratitude for reaching a resolution. She emphasized the importance of addressing such issues and creating a supportive atmosphere on set to facilitate productive collaboration.

Social Media Response

Following Ferguson’s revelations, fellow actor Dwayne Johnson expressed support for her stance against unprofessional behavior. Johnson praised Ferguson for standing up against mistreatment and expressed his admiration for her resilience.


Rebecca Ferguson candid account sheds light on the challenges actors face in navigating complex dynamics on set and underscores the importance of fostering a respectful and supportive work environment in the film industry. Her willingness to speak out serves as a reminder of the need for accountability and mutual respect in all professional settings.


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