Nvidia Collaborates with Leading Robotics Companies on Groundbreaking AI Platform, GR00T

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s assertion that “Building foundation models for general humanoid robots is one of the most exciting problems to solve in AI today” resonates strongly within the robotics community. The humanoid form factor stands as a central point of discussion, attracting substantial venture capital while also inviting skepticism.

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Nvidia, a key player in AI hardware, is eager to enter this arena. Renowned for its contributions to AI hardware and initiatives like Isaac and Jetson, Nvidia is now unveiling Project GR00T at its annual GTC developer conference. This platform signifies Nvidia’s foray into humanoid robotics, potentially inspired by Marvel’s talking space tree, Groot.

Described as “a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robots,” GR00T aims to provide AI support for a multitude of humanoid robotics projects. Notable participants include 1X Technologies, Agility Robotics, Apptronik, Boston Dynamics, Figure AI, Fourier Intelligence, Sanctuary AI, Unitree Robotics, and XPENG Robotics. This comprehensive lineup encompasses nearly all prominent humanoid robot manufacturers, with notable exceptions like Tesla.

Agility Robotics receives particular mention, with co-founder and Chief Robotics Officer Jonathan Hurst emphasizing the transformative potential of human-centric robots like Digit. Hurst highlights the role of modern AI in accelerating robotic development, expressing enthusiasm for the partnership with Nvi dia to advance the integration of robots into daily life.

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Sanctuary AI co-founder and CEO Geordie Rose underscores the significance of embodied AI in tackling humanity’s challenges and driving innovation. He emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts, applauding Nvidia’s commitment to long-term partnerships.

In addition to software support, GR00T will introduce new Nvi dia hardware, including Jetson Thor, tailored for simulation workflows and AI models for humanoid robots.

Nvi dia’s GTC conference also introduced Isaac Manipulator and Isaac Perceptor programs. Isaac Manipulator enhances robotic arm dexterity and AI capabilities, promising significant efficiency gains. Notable partners in this endeavor include Franka Robotics, PickNik Robotics, READY Robotics, Solomon, Universal Robots, and Yaskawa.

The AMR-focused Perceptor program emphasizes Nvidia’s expertise in vision processing, catering to multi-camera, 3D surround-vision needs. ArcBest, BYD, and KION Group have already committed to the program.

As the robotics landscape evolves, Nvidia’s initiatives underscore its commitment to shaping the future of robotics, with a focus on humanoids and mobile manipulators.


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