Night Sky Coffee Illuminates Winder, Georgia with New Roastery Cafe

In the heart of Winder, Georgia, a beacon of artisanal coffee craftsmanship shines brightly with the opening of Night Sky Coffee’s roastery cafe. Nestled inside a historic building, this charming establishment boasts a small blue Diedrich IR2.5 roaster affectionately named “Little Dipper,” serving as the guiding star in the coffee-making process.

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Night Sky Coffee‘s founders, Charlie and Millie Finch, have meticulously crafted a space that seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary flair. The approximately 2,000-square-foot cafe exudes warmth and sophistication, illuminated by modern chandeliers and pendant lights, creating an inviting ambiance for patrons to indulge in their coffee experience.

Transparent Sourcing and Sustainability

Embracing a commitment to transparency and ethical sourcing, Night Sky Coffee prioritizes partnerships with importers like Genuine Origin, ensuring equitable relationships with coffee producers. While aspiring to establish direct relationships with farmers, the company showcases unique offerings such as their Guatemala blend, sourced from an all-female cooperative.

Environmental sustainability is also at the forefront of Night Sky Coffee’s ethos, with eco-friendly initiatives embedded throughout its operations. From packaging beans in partially compostable Biotrē bags to using phenol-free receipt paper, the company actively participates in initiatives like the 1% For The Planet program and invests in an afterburner to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from roasting.

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Night Sky Coffee

Charlie Finch, an astronomer by profession, leads the roasting operation with precision and passion, offering guests a firsthand glimpse into the coffee-making process. The cafe features a Mahlkönig E80 GBW grinder and a 2-group Nuova Simonelli espresso machine, ensuring that each cup of freshly roasted coffee is brewed to perfection. Patrons can also enjoy a variety of brew methods, including Hario V60 pourovers and still or nitro cold brews.

Community Engagement and Future Growth

Beyond crafting exceptional coffee, Night Sky Coffee is deeply rooted in community engagement. Millie Finch, formerly a microbiologist, dedicates her efforts to fostering partnerships with local schools and supporting educational initiatives. With plans for expansion on the horizon, Night Sky Coffee aims to continue its mission of enriching the community while delivering unparalleled coffee experiences.

As Night Sky Coffee illuminates the coffee scene in Winder, Georgia, patrons can expect a harmonious blend of exceptional coffee, sustainability, and community engagement, making it a destination worth savoring.


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