New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy Halts Senate Bid

New Jersey’s first lady, Tammy Murphy, has decided to suspend her campaign for the Senate seat currently held by Bob Menendez, as she announced on Sunday.

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In a video shared on X, she expressed her decision, stating, “After several months of intense and challenging campaigning, I have chosen to suspend my Senate campaign today. While I have remained authentic and truthful throughout, it has become evident that continuing in this race would entail engaging in a divisive and negative campaign, something I am not prepared to undertake.”

Murphy emphasized the broader political landscape, citing the presence of Donald Trump on the ballot and the significant implications for the nation. “Consequently, I cannot in good conscience allocate resources towards disparaging a fellow Democrat,” she added.

This development comes just ahead of an anticipated ruling by a judge on a lawsuit aimed at addressing the influence of local political figures on party primaries and nominations.

Democratic Representative Andy Kim, also contending for the Senate seat, had petitioned the court for a preliminary injunction to abolish the party line system, which allows county leaders to prioritize their endorsed candidates in the primary ballot. However, concerns were raised regarding the feasibility of implementing such changes within the limited timeframe. With Tammy Murphy’s withdrawal, the urgency surrounding this issue diminishes, potentially leaving the party line intact for the upcoming primary.

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Kim reaffirmed his commitment to enhancing democracy in New Jersey while opposing Trump’s agenda. He indicated that the lawsuit would persist despite Murphy’s exit from the race, praising her dedication to public service.

Critics questioned the timing of Tammy Murphy’s decision, particularly in light of the impending ruling on the contentious party line issue.

Yael Niv, president of the Good Government Coalition of New Jersey, expressed skepticism, suggesting that Murphy’s announcement may be an attempt to preserve the party line. Niv speculated on possible political maneuvers behind the scenes, characterizing the situation as emblematic of New Jersey politics.

Ezra Levin, co-founder of Indivisible, a group supporting Kim, dismissed claims that the campaign solely focused on procedural matters. He emphasized the importance of democracy and praised Kim as a potential voice for change in the Senate.

Tammy Murphy, married to Governor Phil Murphy, entered the Democratic primary with past ties to Republican politics. Despite initial endorsements hinting at her advantageous position, her campaign faced challenges, particularly regarding the party line system.

The party line system grants preferential treatment to party-endorsed candidates, granting them prominent placement on the ballot. This system has faced increasing scrutiny, particularly following Trump’s election and the subsequent rise in grassroots activism.

Menendez, facing legal challenges, announced his decision not to seek reelection in the Democratic primary but left open the possibility of an independent candidacy. He maintains his innocence against bribery and obstruction charges, alleging political persecution by prosecutors.


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