National Health Service Workers with Long Covid Pursue Legal Action for Compensation

A group of nearly 70 healthcare workers suffering from long Covid has initiated legal proceedings in the High Court, aiming to sue the National Health Service and other employers for compensation. These individuals, hailing from England and Wales, contend that they contracted Covid-19 while on duty during the pandemic and assert that they were inadequately protected from the virus.

National Health Service

They argue that they have been left with life-altering disabilities and anticipate a loss of income due to their condition. The Department of Health has acknowledged that there are lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group alleges that they were not furnished with sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) at their workplaces, which should have included eye protection, gloves, gowns, and aprons. Specifically, they assert that they should have been provided with high-grade masks capable of blocking airborne droplets containing the Covid virus, which were not made available to them in accordance with national guidance.

Legal Proceedings

A judge recently ruled that the cases of this group, along with another group of healthcare workers affected by long Covid also seeking compensation, should be heard together. The next hearing is scheduled for October, prompting disappointment among the affected individuals, including nurse Rachel Hext.

Ms. Hext, aged 36, asserts that she contracted Covid-19 while working as a nurse in a small community hospital in Devon. She expresses profound disappointment at the prospect of waiting until October for progress on the case.

Personal Experience

Rachel Hext, featured in a BBC Panorama documentary on long Covid among NHS workers in September 2022, describes her current situation as devastating. She laments the loss of her career due to the debilitating effects of long Covid, which have manifested as symptoms ranging from brain fog and extreme fatigue to nerve damage and hearing loss in one ear.

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Long Covid Impact

Long Covid, characterized by chronic symptoms following a Covid-19 infection, affects an estimated 1.9 million individuals in the UK. Common symptoms include heart palpitations, joint pain, and concentration problems, with many individuals experiencing disability as a result.


The legal action taken by these healthcare workers underscores the challenges faced by individuals suffering from long Covid and highlights the need for adequate protection and support for frontline workers during public health crises.


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