Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal Set for Boxing Rematch on June 1

In an electrifying turn of events, the highly anticipated rematch between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal is set to take place in the boxing ring on June 1 at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California. This rematch, dubbed “Last Man Standing,” promises to captivate audiences as two titans of combat sports step into the squared circle once again.

Nate Diaz Background

Diaz and Masvidal initially clashed in the UFC 244 main event on November 2, 2019, at Madison Square Garden, contending for the mythical BMF (Baddest Motherf****r) title. Masvidal emerged victorious in that memorable encounter via TKO (doctor’s stoppage), leaving fans eager for a rematch to settle the score.

Event Details:

The upcoming bout is contracted for 10 rounds at 175 pounds, ensuring a thrilling showdown between two seasoned warriors. Organized by Fanmio, the event promises to deliver unparalleled excitement to fight fans worldwide.

Nate Diaz and Masvidal, regarded as two of the UFC’s most prominent stars, have since departed the promotion, with Diaz becoming a free agent and Masvidal announcing his retirement. Nevertheless, their rivalry transcends MMA boundaries, with both fighters eager to prove their mettle in the boxing ring.

Motivation for Nate Diaz and Masvidal

For Masvidal, the desire to eliminate any doubts regarding his previous victory over Nate Diaz serves as a driving force. He is determined to showcase his dominance and silence his critics once and for all. In his own words, Masvidal asserts, “Nate Diaz a dead man walking. I can’t wait to prove that last time was no fluke.”

Meanwhile, Diaz enters the ring seeking redemption, fueled by a thirst for vengeance after his previous defeat. With a steely resolve, he aims to rectify past shortcomings and emerge victorious in this pivotal rematch.

Fanmio’s Vision:

Fanmio CEO Solomon Engel expressed excitement about hosting this historic rematch, emphasizing the significance of Diaz and Masvidal as true BMFs in the world of combat sports. The event aims to captivate audiences and provide an unforgettable spectacle, as both fighters vie for supremacy in the ring.


As the countdown to June 1 begins, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a clash of titans. Diaz vs. Masvidal II signifies more than just a boxing match—it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of competition and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Prepare to witness history in the making as these two warriors step into the ring to determine who will emerge as the last man standing.


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