Microsoft Invests $16M in Mistral AI, Deepening Ties with AI Startup

Mistral AI, a Paris-based AI startup, made waves yesterday with the announcement of its new large language model, Mistral Large, and a strategic partnership with tech giant Microsoft. While the news captured attention for its potential to rival leading models like GPT-4, an overlooked detail revealed Microsoft’s significant investment of €15 million ($16.3 million) in Mistral AI. This infusion of capital underscores Microsoft’s commitment to the burgeoning AI landscape and further solidifies its relationship with Mistral AI.

Key Investment Details: Microsoft’s investment, an addition to Mistral AI’s Series A funding round, maintains the startup’s valuation at approximately $2 billion. Despite the substantial injection of funds, Microsoft’s equity stake remains below 1%, based on the Series A valuation. This investment is set to convert into equity in Mistral’s subsequent funding round, affirming Microsoft’s long-term interest in the AI company’s growth and development.

Strategic Partnership and Product Unveiling: In conjunction with the investment, Mistral AI introduced Mistral Large, a formidable large language model poised to compete with industry frontrunners. Unlike previous releases, Mistral Large is not open source and can be accessed exclusively through Mistral’s API platform. Additionally, the partnership with Microsoft entails distribution through Azure, offering Azure customers access to Mistral’s cutting-edge models via Azure’s model catalog.

Implications and Regulatory Scrutiny: Microsoft’s dual investment in Mistral AI and OpenAI’s capped profit subsidiary underscores its deepening involvement in the AI landscape. However, this heightened involvement has drawn scrutiny from regulatory bodies like the European Commission, which plans to analyze the investment deal between Microsoft and Mistral AI. As Mistral AI adopts a closed-source approach and garners support from prominent American backers, it raises questions about the evolving dynamics within the AI industry.

Microsoft’s substantial investment in Mistral AI signals a significant milestone in the startup’s journey and reinforces Microsoft’s strategic positioning in the AI domain. With Mistral Large poised to make waves in the market and the Azure distribution partnership expanding its reach, Mistral AI is poised for accelerated growth and innovation. However, regulatory scrutiny highlights the evolving landscape of AI investments and the need for careful consideration of market dynamics and competition.


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