Josh Barnett Discusses Johnny TV’s Surprising Fit for Bloodsport

As Josh Barnett’s highly anticipated Bloodsport event gears up for WrestleMania weekend on April 4, 2024, wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the fusion of shoot-style wrestling and MMA-inspired presentation, featuring some of the industry’s most prominent stars in an unconventional setting.

Josh Barnett

Among the eclectic mix of performers stands AEW sensation Johnny TV, formerly known as John Morrison in WWE, who is not only slated to return to Bloodsport but will also step into the ring against Barnett himself in an unprecedented matchup.

In a recent appearance on the “Under The Ring” podcast, Barnett elucidated the unique appeal of including Johnny TV on the Bloodsport roster, despite initial perceptions not aligning with the event’s criteria. “When fans see him announced for Bloodsport for the first time, there’s a sense of intrigue and curiosity,” Josh Barnett remarked. “And when he steps into the ring, it’s a revelation. Witnessing him perform in a manner unseen before leaves spectators in awe, showcasing a side of him previously unknown.”

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Johnny TV, a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, has previously graced the Bloodsport canvas under both his ring moniker and real name, John Hennigan, securing victories over formidable opponents Simon Gotch and Royce Isaacs in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Despite his reputation for high-flying acrobatics in WWE and AEW, Josh Barnett underscores Johnny TV’s authentic prowess in combat sports. “With a background in collegiate wrestling, exceptional athleticism, and a victorious boxing record, coupled with his proven track record in Bloodsport, Johnny TV possesses the requisite skill set,” Barnett affirmed.

As Bloodsport aficionados eagerly anticipate Johnny TV’s return to the squared circle, his inclusion serves as a testament to the event’s ethos of showcasing diverse talents and pushing boundaries, further solidifying its status as a must-see spectacle during WrestleMania weekend.


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