Health Systems Nearing Breaking Point Amidst Rising Labor Costs and Decreasing Reimbursements

In the challenging landscape of healthcare finance, health systems are grappling with mounting pressures. Labor costs are on the rise, while reimbursements from payers continue to dwindle, pushing these systems to their limits.

Challenges in Reimbursement and Margin Struggles

According to a recent report by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and Eliciting Insights, a staggering 84% of health systems attribute their low operational margins to decreased reimbursements from payers. This trend poses a significant challenge to their financial stability.

Administrative Burden and Payer Denials

Compounding the margin struggles are the administrative burdens imposed by payers. A remarkable 82% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) report a significant increase in payer denials since pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, 19% of health systems have already discontinued at least one Medicare Advantage plan, with 61% contemplating similar actions due to the administrative complexities associated with these plans.

Impact of Labor Costs on Margin Pressure

Labor costs emerge as the primary driver of margin pressure, with 96% of health system CFOs highlighting their significance. Among these costs, nursing stands out as the leading contributor to labor shortages, a concern echoed by 99% of CFOs. Additionally, roles such as lab technicians and radiology technicians are also experiencing shortages, further straining health systems.

Strategies to Address Margin Challenges

Traditional cost reduction methods, including optimizing the supply chain and delaying technology implementations, have proven insufficient in alleviating margin pressure. To counteract this, health systems are exploring alternative cost-saving measures such as:

  • Capital and Real Estate Investments: 40% of health systems are scaling back on capital and real estate investments.
  • Service Line Optimization: 32% are reducing less profitable service lines to streamline operations.
  • Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Roles: 26% are considering outsourcing revenue cycle roles to enhance efficiency.

Need for Increased Revenue

While reducing operational costs is crucial, health systems recognize the imperative need for increased revenue to improve margins. Despite modest increases in reimbursement rates, health plans’ heightened prior authorization requirements and denials exacerbate the overall cost burden for health systems.

Addressing Revenue Cycle Challenges

Denials emerge as the top challenge for Revenue Cycle teams, cited by 90% of health systems. Medicare Advantage plans, in particular, pose significant difficulties, with 62% of health systems finding them significantly more challenging to work with compared to other plans.

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Future Outlook and Opportunities

Despite the prevailing challenges, there is optimism regarding future investments. The HFMA Health System CFO Pain Points 2024 report indicates that over 15% of health systems anticipate substantial budget increases for critical areas such as cybersecurity and automation, signaling opportunities for vendors in these domains.


Navigating the complex landscape of healthcare finance requires a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by health systems. By addressing labor costs, reimbursement issues, and implementing strategic measures to enhance revenue, health systems can navigate these challenges and pave the way for financial sustainability and growth.

For more detailed insights into health system CFO pain points and future predictions, the full report is available for purchase online from Eliciting Insights or HFMA.

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The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is a trusted resource for finance professionals across various healthcare settings. With a focus on providing guidance, education, and thought leadership, HFMA empowers its members to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape effectively.

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