False Claims Circulate About Aldi’s Bacon Origin

Social media has been abuzz with false claims suggesting that bacon sold by Aldi under its brand Appleton Meats is lab-grown and does not originate from pigs. However, these assertions are inaccurate.

Clarification from Aldi

Al di has clarified to The Associated Press that its products under the store brand Appleton Farms are not cultivated through lab practices. The confusion arises from a Canadian company named Appleton Meats, which is unrelated to Aldi’s Appleton Farms brand. Reports indicate that Appleton Meats, founded in 2017, focuses on research into lab-grown meat production.

Different Brands, Different Practices

It’s essential to distinguish between Al di’s Appleton Farms brand and the unrelated Appleton Meats company. Al di’s bacon products are not grown in a lab; they are sourced conventionally. Any confusion stems from the similarity in names between the two entities.

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About Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-grown meat, also known as cultivated meat or cell-based meat, involves growing meat from animal cells in a controlled environment. Companies like Good Meat and Upside Foods have received approval to sell lab-grown chicken in the U.S. from regulatory authorities.


The circulating claims misrepresent Aldi’s bacon products and confuse them with the endeavors of a separate company exploring lab-grown meat. Aldi’s Appleton Farms brand follows traditional sourcing methods for its bacon, contrary to the misinformation circulating on social media.


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