Camila Cabello Embraces ‘Breakup Intimacy’: Why She Advocates for it

In a recent installment of the Call Her Daddy podcast, Camila Cabello, the renowned American singer-songwriter, delved into her perspective on post-breakup closeness, advocating for what’s commonly referred to as ‘breakup sex’. She openly expressed her inclination towards engaging in this type of intimacy, suggesting that the desire for such encounters often indicates lingering emotions.

Camila Cabello Take on Breakup Sex

During the podcast, Camila Cabello shared her candid thoughts, stating, “I feel like if you’re wanting to have breakup sex, you’re probably gonna hit each other up next week. There’s still something there.” Her statement reflects a belief in the underlying connection that persists even after a romantic relationship ends.

She further elaborated on her stance, emphasizing her belief in embracing desires rather than suppressing them. “And like I said, I’m sorry, I’m a proponent. I don’t believe in the forbidden fruit—if you want it, do it. Kinda like the ‘date him until you hate him’ vibe. I don’t actually hate anybody, but I’m saying do it until it’s out of your system,” she expressed. Camila’s perspective challenges conventional norms and encourages individuals to prioritize their own desires and emotional well-being.

Acknowledging the varying viewpoints on post-breakup interactions, Camila recognized that some may perceive them as counterproductive. However, she emphasized the personal growth and self-awareness that can stem from such experiences. “I also think the hard part is that sometimes you do waste some time in that way,” she reflected. “You’re still entertaining something, and maybe there could be somebody out there that’s better,” she added, acknowledging the complexities of navigating emotions after a breakup.

Reflections on Reconciliation

Camila Cabello also shared insights into her own experiences, particularly her brief reconciliation with Shawn Mendes following their breakup in November 2021. She described herself as impulsive, expressing a preference for candid communication over internalizing emotions. “It’s crazy because I’m kind of impulsive in that way—if I feel it, I say it,” she admitted. “The worst thing for it to live in is my mind, and then I’m like, Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, building a house for this person.

So, I would rather say it and see what happens and then wake up the next day and find out that it’s been heavily documented. I opted for that route. It is what it is. It was a fun route—it was a fun moment,” she reminisced, offering a glimpse into her approach to navigating relationships and emotions.

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Current Relationship Status

At present, Camila Cabello appears to be single. Previously, she was romantically involved with Austin Kevitch, the founder of the apps Brighten and Lox Club, a premium dating platform in the United States. Lox Club, described as “a members-only dating club for people with ridiculously high standards,” caters to individuals seeking meaningful connections based on shared values and standards.

Camila Cabello’s open and candid discussion on post-breakup intimacy challenges conventional norms and encourages individuals to prioritize their emotional well-being. By sharing her personal experiences and perspectives, she offers insights into navigating complex emotions and relationships in today’s society.


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