Astrophotography Highlights for March 2024

March 2024 promises to be an exciting month for astrophotographers, offering a plethora of celestial events and stunning sights in the night sky. From planetary alignments to lunar phenomena, here are the key highlights to capture through your lens:

Astrophotography Dark Sky Window Opens

Monday, March 4: As the moon reaches its last quarter phase, the night sky becomes virtually moonless, providing optimal conditions for deep-sky astrophotography. This dark sky period lasts for the next seven nights, culminating with the new moon on March 10.

‘Ramadan Moon’ Emerges

Monday, March 11: Just after sunset, witness the first sighting of the crescent moon marking the beginning of Ramadan. Capture the slender crescent moon, signaling the start of the holy fasting month in the Islamic calendar, shining brightly in the southwestern sky.

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Jupiter and Crescent Moon Conjunction

Wednesday, March 13: Marvel at the stunning conjunction of a crescent moon and bright planet Jupiter in the southwestern sky after sunset. Capture the ethereal glow of ‘Earthshine’ illuminating the dark limb of the moon, a phenomenon best photographed with a tripod and a telephoto lens.

Pleiades and Crescent Moon

Thursday, March 14: Capture the waxing crescent moon shining alongside the mesmerizing Pleiades star cluster, also known as the ‘Seven Sisters,’ in the southwestern sky. The moon, illuminated at 27%, provides a captivating celestial scene for astrophotographers.

Spring Equinox

Wednesday, March 20: Commemorate the spring equinox, marking the moment when day and night are of equal length across the globe. Photograph the sunrise and sunset on this significant day, symbolizing the transition to the spring season.

Mercury, ‘Worm Moon,’ and Lunar Eclipse

Sunday, March 24: Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the rare celestial trifecta of Mercury, the ‘Worm Moon,’ and a lunar eclipse. Witness Mercury’s greatest distance from the sun, alongside the muted orange glow of March’s full moon rising in the east. Prepare to capture these spectacular sights in the evening sky, ensuring you find a location with an unobstructed view of the horizon.

March 2024 offers an array of celestial delights for astrophotographers, from planetary conjunctions to lunar phenomena, providing ample opportunities to capture the wonders of the universe through your lens.


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